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of project management


If Wilwright M&E were to be successful in the bid for any contracts with your company we would adopt a pro active role in the design, programming and on site liaisons with all concerned parties to ensure a successful project is achieved.

To expand on our definition of a successful project this would be to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Fully designed in all aspects before work is commenced on site.
  • Through co-ordination of site restraints in preparing the design
  • Co-ordination with associated trades.
  • Completion of all works to the completed satisfaction of out client.

Financial management of the project ensuring that if there any variations ,they are fully costed and instructed before work is commenced and therefore eliminating the post completion final account discussions.

  • Delivering the project on time in accordance with agreed programme.
  • Full approval and witness testingĀ  to the M and E consultant / end user client.
  • Successful hand over to the end userĀ  and ensuring that all information and support is provided



We ensure the continuity of personnel handling each project .We would allocate a dedicated team to each contract consisting of a Director, Contract manager, Site Supervisor. This consistency enables personal relationships to develop, which we believe are the keystone to all projects.


Planning Process

With potential of programmes to be fast track in the modular industry, the key to success of the programme is in the pre start planning of the projects. Each project would be provided with a full and detailed programme of works to be agreed by all parties prior to commencement of works, with planning of the projects taking into account the following;


Pre-factory (Modular Only)

During this phase of the contract we would carefully plan and allocate the necessary staff resources for design development, production of working drawings, drawing approval, material scheduling and approval, procurement, labour requirements and identifying and co ordination clashes.


Construction Planning

We produce an overall programme indicating key milestones .This programme is to be developed in line with the client requirements and would be approved by all parties prior to the commencements of works.


Completion Planning

The traditional difficulties associated with completing projects in our industry are well known and a frustration to many clients and there customers. We aim to overcome these difficulties by managing the completion phase as a totally separate exercise.

Completion planning must be started in the initial planning stage of the project .As an example there is no reason why a manufacturers operating and maintenance documentation cannot be requested and compiled at order stage.

The completion programme, which normally starts two thirds of the way through the overall programme, identifies and monitors all items which need to be completed to bring the contract to a satisfactory conclusion. Activities covered include defect detection and rectification, testing and certification, pre commissioning, commissioning and records, sectional completion and hand over, as fitted drawings preparation and customer hand over and final training.


Commercial Management

Wilwright M&E operates on an open and honest basis and we conduct our business in a positive and forthright manner. We will always seek to negotiate out unfair and onerous contract conditions, which establish means to offset monies or otherwise limit our fair representation.

We have a firm policy of cost control, which is designed to achieve , as far as possible an effective and positive cash flow during the course of the works. The agreement of all parties is sought in the progressive evaluation of variations, which may arise during the contract. All these items are reflected in our monthly interim applications. We normally prepare detailed cash flow forecasts for monitoring purposes, which are adjusted to accommodate the updated and agreed value of the works.


Productivity Management

As a private company our entire contracting philosophy addresses itself to gaining the maximum possible productivity. Our management process examines optimum construction and installation methods, material delivery, storage, and distribution, multi work force availability and possible fast tracked staggered programming. In general we aim to ensure that the correct information, materials, plant and labour arrive at the prepared work place in a timely manner.


Health and Safety

Wilwrights M&E are committed to continuous improvement to all aspects of the business but in particular to health and safety. We have been accredited to CHAS and Constructionline for over 3 years and continue to train and develop all staff to ensure all our operatives get home each safe and sound evening. Sites are subject to a random health and safety audited which improves our focus with creditable results.


Review Process

Wilwrights M&E review its entire project workload on a weekly basis. These reviews set general targets and objectives , ensure individual and collective accountability, and calls for the reporting of exceptional situations so that early control can be applied in any non conforming areas of our operation.


Labour Management

Wilwrights M&E retain directly employed hourly paid operatives which total 80 staff as well as employing bona fide self employed labour which work on a continuous basis. All labour is suitably qualified and trained for there specific role.


Quality Management

Quality control of our installations is carried in accordance with our standard procedures and all processes and instructions follow prescribed methods. The purpose of these procedures is to ensure that a minimum of remedial work is required to plant , equipment and materials and that all items incorporated in the works satisfy the purpose for which they are intended.